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We all need a good nights sleep!

We have all heard people say ” I can get away with just 4 hours sleep each night”. But is that really true, and what damage is that doing to the persons body and mind.

Here is a list of the benefits of a good nights sleep, and also a video by Dr Oz, a renowned heart specialist, who tells us his thoughts on the importance of a good nights sleep.

It may surprise you to learn that just 1 hours of extra sleep per night has massive benefits to your health. Factors such as weight, sex drive and concentration can all be effected.

Below are some positive effects from getting an early night.

1. Pain relief.
In some recent studies, it has been found that patients that are able to sleep well while in pain, and pain can be a major reason for not sleeping well, but those that do are better able to control and limit pain from injury or disease.

2. Sex Life.
It is not a surprise that a lack of libido follows when one or more partner is over tired. Testosterone levels in men have also been shown to suffer after a lack of sleep. So be warned.

3. Health benefits
Heart disease has been shown to be linked to sleep deprivation, as has blood glucose levels, which are known to be a problem for shift workers and people with an interrupted sleep pattern.

4. Clear Mind
We have probably all woken after a poor nights sleep feeling woozy and fuzzy. People with poor sleep tend to have problems concentrating and are more confused.

5. Body Weight.
Quite simply, a tired person has less energy to exercise, and so gains weight. There are other hormonal reasons too, but this is an obvious problem for many people.

6. Mood
When people don’t sleep they are more likely to be in a less than perfect mood, or suffer from mood swings.

7. Improved Memory
It is well known that people who don’t sleep well are more likely to be forgetful and have problems remebering. The brain processes the days events while you sleep, and this can be compromised without enough sleep.

8. Immunity
It has been found that people that sleep less that eight hours each night were 3 times more likely to get ill than people with 8 hours or more of sleep each night. Sleep is a big factor in strengthening your immune system.

So there you have it. Get a good nights sleep. Turn off the computer at least 1 hour before going to bed. Sleep in a quiet dark room, avoid alcohol, and reap the benefits of a regular good nights sleep.

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Health and Medicine Tips Intro

Welcome to our healthy living website. On this site we will attempt to educate and inform anyone interested in maintaining better health about products and lifestyle changes which we feel would benefit our readers.

It may be a product that we have tested and approve, or it may be an exercise routing or dietary supplement, but whatever it is you can be assured that we have tested and decided that it is something that we would use ourselves.

After years of working in the health and fitness industries, and my wife and I having a passion for both, it seems an obvious move to try and help others live a better life by using and learning about products and methods that we like, use and recommend.

It is not an all inclusive authority on healthy living, but if it proves to be something that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle and better health then we will try to include it here. As well as articles about what we think you should be doing, we will also try to include information about what you should not be doing too, anything that we feel would contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Nothing in this blog is intended to compete with the advice of a trained professional, but hopefully our opinions will be informative and helpful at the very least.

The term healthy living usually refers to a balance of both mental and physical states. These are always closely linked, and something that is either good or bad in one usually has an effect on the other. As such we intend to have articles about both, including exercise, diet and nutrition for both adults and children. Both the good andhealthy living toolantipro the bad, vegetable and snacks will be covered in detail.

Some of the basics will include:

Eating regularly.
Eating a balanced diet.
Include fresh meat, fish, nuts and eggs.
Look for foods with low saturated fat content.
Keep portion size low.
Avoid snacks and sugary drinks
Dont eat before bedtime.
Add supplements and minerals as needed.
Always cook food thoroughly.

Watch the video below for some great tips to start your new healthy lifestyle

These and other subjects we hope to include, as well as home remedies, hair and beauty solutions and diet and fitness.

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