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Heart and Oral Health

Heart and Oral Health.

Did you know that there are proven links between the health of your mouth and the health of your heart?

Several recent studies have shown that there are two separate connections between your oral and heart health. It has been shown that if you have moderate to advanced disease of your gums, then you have a higher chance of having heart disease than someone with healthy gums. The health of your mouth reflects your general health. And it has been proven that checking your oral health can show early signs of other conditions or diseases of the body.

So how is your health?

The factors that cause us to have diseases such as smoking, unhealthy eating are the same as those that cause gum disease. And it has been found that people with chronic gum disease are at a much higer risk of suffering a heart attack.

Plaque building up at or below your gum line is the main cause of gingivitis and periodontal diseases. It has been suggested by experts that the reason gum disease and heart disease are connected, is because some of the bacteria in infected gums is able to pass into the bloodstream and contribute to the formation of clots, and also the inflammation from the gums can trigger clot formation too.

A clot build up in blood flowing to the heart slows the circulation, causing an increase in blood pressure and will increase the chances of an attack.

Some researches have suggested that many body diseases can have symptoms that show up in the mouth. Patients that have been effected by heart disease can be assisted by their dentist, if during a regular exam they check for any inflammation, and also infection and/or pain. And the American Dental Association has shown that proper and complete treatment, diagnosis and regular check ups of these patients has contributed to a lowering of blood pressure and better health overall.

So be sure to tell your dentist if you suffer from any heart condition, and also of any medication that you are taking. You should also always take any prescribed healthy mouth sighanti-biotics or medication in the appropriate manner, and follow directions from your dentist and doctor. Did you know that eighty percent of US adults suffer from gum disease, which is very often undiagnosed.

Some of the warning signs of gum disease are:

Loose or wobbly teeth
Bleeding of gums when cleaning
Bad breath and mouth taste
Receding and swollen gums

The best person to help maintain and control dental and gum disease is yourself.

You should always regularly clean and floss your teeth and gums.
Schedule regular dental check ups and visits to remove any plaque or bacteria and tarter deposits.
Look for any signs of disease or distress and report it to your dental provider.

Great teeth are also a major factor in looking good and feeling confident. A bright smile expresses your personality and makes you feel good about yourself. Your dentist is also able to offer teeth whitening services in his surgery. You may want to enquire during your next visit.

If your teeth and gums are in top healthy condition, then why not have a bright white smile too.

There are also home teeth whitening kits available, which can be done in the comfort of your own home and at a lower cost. A search on the internet will reveal many such products. We have used one ourselves, which we recommend, and you can find it on this website: http://rapidoblanquearlosdientes.es  and there are also some great home remedies for teeth whitening on the website too, but you may also want to ask your dentist for his advice.

So be sure to keep a regular check on your dental health, and visit your dentist regularly, to help maintain your heart health.