Get Ready For Barbeque Season – But Keep It Healthy

bbqI love a good barbecue just as much as the next person, and now is the time to get working on your backyard and grill to get ready for the summer.

The tips below are here to help you to quickly and safely do just that, but I also want to remind everyone to avoid any non biologically friendly cleaners, not to use firelighters or fuel and use compressed newspaper instead, and to always avoid burnt food, which can be carcinogenic.

Always let your coals go grey to lose their initial high heat before grilling any food, which will minimise the chances of burning the outside, which is dangerous, and not cooking the inside properly, which is also dangerous.

Summertime and grilling go hand in hand. Whether you left your grill exposed to all elements or you mothballed it, chances are that it still needs clean up and maintenance. Before you start grilling this summer, it is important to get the grill ready first. The following tips will help you get ready for the barbecue season.

· Spider patrol

You should ensure that the barbecue grill has no spiders or any other insects trapped in the manifolds, below the burner knobs or even in the burner tubes. Also clear all the cobwebs before you start using the grill.

· Check for leaks

Carefully inspect the hoses and replace those that look damaged, cracked or crimped. You can easily detect the leaks by making a solution using equal amounts of water and dish soap then brush the mixture on the connectors and hoses.

Open the shut off valve and if you notice any bubbling, then there is a leak at that particular point. When you notice this, turn off the gas immediately and do not attempt to light it up until the leak is repaired.

Though leaks are rare, they can be very risky when they occur.

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· Lubricate before lighting

In case the moving parts of the grill such as the burner knobs do not turn freely, lubricate them using silicone spray or WD-40. If you are using a charcoal grill, ensure that the vents close and open easily if not, lubricate them then twist them to and fro until they do.

· Ignition suspicion

You should ensure that the igniter switch is operating properly. If there is a spark and a click, consider replacing the battery by unscrewing the lock nut located in front of button or just after the control panel. Most people do not know that grill igniter uses a battery and it requires regular replacing.

· Clean the grill

You certainly cleaned the entire grill after the previous season but you will need to clean it again for this season. Clean the drip pan then line it with new aluminum foil. Using a garden trowel, scrap the firebox out on the charcoal grill then empty the ash trays.

To clean the grill gate, after lighting the grill, preheat the grill to extremely hot then use wire grill brush to brush it clean. You can use oiled paper towel to wipe it.

The most recommended way of cleaning a unclean grill is to burn it at high intensity.

· Rank the tank

Inspect the LP tank for any signs of bulging, rust, separation of the seams or any other distress, and if there is anything that is not airtight, have it repaired and tightened.

· Light it properly

To do this, open the lid of the grill, it should stay open throughout the process, then open propane cylinder valve so that the gas can start flowing and switch on the burner by pushing the igniter button several times.

The grill will light after a number of tries, wait until the propane clears and try again.

· Think safetydeck

Always check the outside areas for safety too before inviting hoards of friends round to party. Having been the recipient of a nasty wound myself due to a neglected wooden deck, it is adviseable to always inspect and maintain your outdoor furniture and landscaping.

If necessary, your local handyman is only a phone call away, and for a minimal call out charge you can have peace of mind that your guests will all go home in one piece!