Basic Health Guidelines


We thought that this was a great starting point for anyone looking for a healthier life. Good common sense advice, that if followed, will make a beneficial impact on anyone’s life.

1. Eat a healthy diet.
We can’t argue with that. We all know what to avoid but we just ignore the truth.

2. Don’t drink soda’s.
Just research how many spoons of sugar are in the average can of coca cola. Scary!

3. Avoid genetically engineered foods.
The availability of these foods depends on the country that you live in. Do your research!

4. Optimize your gut flora.
There are now numerous available drinks in supermarkets to help with this, but watch out for the sugar!

5. Consume healthy fats.
Fats are very important for brain function. But again there are bad fats too.

6. Eat raw food.
Cooking often removes vital vitamins and trace elements. Try to eat both raw and cooked.

7. Exercise regularly
Walking is amazing exercise, and easy to fit into your daily routine.

8. Get some sun.
Essential for vitamin D, but don’t forget the sun protection for your skin.

9. Limit toxin exposure.
From skin creams to anti- perspirants and cleaning products. Read the labels.

10. Get some zzzzz’s
Regular peaceful sleep is important.

11. Don’t stress.
Stress is a killer. Chill out when possible.

So there you have it….. try to tick as many of the boxes as you can, and you will be sure to feel the benefits.