invisalign braces

Are Invisible Braces the best option for everyone?

If you or a family member are considering having braces fitted to correct misaligned teeth or other similar dental problems, you will probably be faced with a couple of choices. There are the older traditional metal and spring braces that we are used to seeing, and the more recent invisible plastic aligners, that are becoming more and more popular.

Here is a short discussion to give you some information before you get to the decision stage.

Invisalign aligners areĀ  almost undetectable, so other people do not know that you are going through orthodontic treatment, and you can wear them with confidence You need to take out the alignment trays while eating, and prior to changing them you need to floss and brush. Since the treatment is easier I have actually discovered that many of my clients’ oral health has often improved and they have found that they have actually lost weight.

Watch the review video below for some ideas of how this system may work for you.


5 Advantages of Invisalign over conventional braces
Misaligned or jagged teeth do not just look unpleasant, they can very often make cleaning the teeth tough. Teeth that can not be appropriately cleaned can ultimately contract gum illness. This can cause gum and bone damage, in addition to missing teeth. Also, many adults are particularly conscious of wearing conventional braces because of how they look

Below are 5 factors why one may want to pick Invisalign over old-fashioned metal braces:.

1. How They Look.
Invisalign Clear Braces Look Better.
They are distinctly more appealing than metal braces.

2. Convenience.
When Necessary, clear Braces Can Be Removed.
As soon as your orthodontics expert connects metal braces to the teeth, the braces have to stay in location until they are expertly removed. Invisalign clear braces are detachable. If, for any reason, the user of teeth aligners wants to remove them for short amounts of time (for example while eating), she or he can quickly do this.

3. Security.
Invisalign Clear Braces Reduce Damage to Teeth and Gums.
Clear braces are comfy and smooth. They do not consist of any sharp edges or extending bits or edges. In general, clear braces minimize the damage usually triggered by using braces, consisting of metal parts and springs.

4. Period of Treatment.
Invisalign Clear Braces Straighten Teeth Faster.
Somebody who puts on metal braces can very often anticipate the treatment to take as long as 5 years. Invisalign can straighten your teeth in as little as one year, up to 18 months to work its magic and align your teeth.

5. Understanding What to Expect.
There are No Surprises with Invisalign Braces. When planning your invidalign treatment, dental clients go through treatment planning that is totally electronic. They understand precisely what to anticipate and how long they will be required to wear the braces prior to start using them.

Metal braces can be a trial-and-error circumstance that provides no clear concept of exactly what is to come. In general, Invisalign offers many unique benefits over standard metal braces.

So in conclusion, clear braces offer a quicker, more convenient and less obtrusive option for teeth straightening. The negative side of the argument is the cost. Invisalign clear braces are usually more expensive than a conventional system.

You need to decide which method is best for you or your family member, and get the best advice available from your local Orthodontist. Call this dentist free advice, even if you are not in their area they are always happy to help, or sendĀ  an email, you can see the contact details on the web page